Cain Contracting Services

General Contracting
As a PRIME General Contractor, Cain’s array of services include: new construction; additions; renovations; upgrades to building systems (mechanical, electrical, life safety, etc); and site development, with expertise in a variety of delivery methods, including: Design/Build, Design/Bid/Build, Agency Construction Management, and Construction Management at Risk.
Interior Contracting
With specialization in Interior Contracting and fit-out services, Cain’s expertise comes in both PRIME contracting, and subcontracting capacities. Services include: demolition; drywall installation and finishing; acoustical and suspended ceiling installation; painting and wall covering; flooring and finishes; data, electrical, and mechanical services; and other specialty work, such as arches and decorative finishing.
Construction Management
We provide construction management services through a wide network of contacts fostered by an average of 26 years’ experience amongst our company officers. No job is too large or too small, and our dedicated project managers will ensure that your project is completed to your requirements.
We offer these comprehensive construction services
• Contract Management
• Construction Scheduling
• New Construction
• PRIME Contracting
• Cost Estimation
• Quality Control Assurance
• Renovations
• Sub-contracting
• Value Engineering
• Site Development
• Design Build
• Interior Development
Services Overview
No matter the project at hand, Cain Contracting, Inc. is dedicated to excellence throughout all phases of planning and construction. As the process evolves, we constantly evaluate our approach to ensure the path which provides the highest quality and value for our clients. Cain’s commitment to its clients’ needs, schedule, and budget is upheld at every level of the organization, and resides in our ability to proactively mitigate challenges, and respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise. In our experience, no matter how well planned and coordinated a job is, there is always a glitch. It’s our response to that glitch that sets us apart in the industry.